Product description

Comfort Fresh Bamboo socks

The most famous daily wear socks in our product lines! Made with 80% Bamboo fiber, those socks are comfortable and moisture wicking as this breathable fiber helps keep your feet cool and fresh. The softest socks which are eco-friendly also! Your best choice!


Bamboo socks are $4.99 for a two-pair pack from small size, 4-6 to largest size, 10-13. Unisex socks style with 5 different colors available which are white, black, blue, grey and brown.

Rayon from Bamboo has long been known for its light weight and durability. This Breathable fiber helps keep your feet cool and fresh. The porous nature of Rayon from Bamboo gives it a natural ability to wick moisture away from your body, so your feet stay cool, dry and comfortable. Our soft, eco-friendly Rayon from Bamboo yarn is sourced from self-replenishing, non-rain forest tropical Bamboo. Care instruction: Machine wash warm with like colors. Use only non chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry medium. Do not Iron.


+MD Compression and Diabetic socks

+MD diabetic socks are scientifically knitted with a non-constricting fit, stretching up to 20% further than other diabetic brands. Compression socks promote leg circulation and help reduce swelling, a best choice for people who have diabetes.

Price Range: $3.99 to $15.99


+MD Diabetic socks

Price: +MD Diabetic socks are $7.99, buy one get one free. Color: Available in white, black and grey. Style: Ankle and Crew. +MD Diabetic socks allow for free circulation without slouching or falling down. They are additionally treated to help keep your feet fresh, dry and comfortable. These moisture-wicking properties and anti-microbial treatment help reduce odors and discomfort. +MD Diabetic socks feature special comfort-smooth yarn, cushion soles and reversed-seam construction. This low-friction design reduces the chance of blisters and abrasions which can cause more serious foot problems.

+MD Compression socks

Price: +MD compression socks are $14.99, buy one get one free. +MD bamboo charcoal compression and fashion compression socks are $15.99, buy one get one free. Color: Available in white, black and more colors. +MD Graduated compression socks systematically apply graduated pressure to the lower legs increasing blood flow back towards the heart with the added feature of a cushion sole. +MD Compression socks massage the legs and feet, helping reduce edema (swelling). They use engineered pressure zones for optimal support, reducing fatigue while standing, sitting and traveling. They may aid in the prevention and relief of varicose and spider veins.

Performance and outdoor socks

Lin performance socks are wonderful for biking and hiking. Coolmax transports moisture quickly and dries 70% faster than cotton. New series outdoor socks are high quality socks for outdoor activities.

Price Range: $3.99 to $6.99


Lin performance socks and outdoor socks are targeting those professionals who care about the quality of what goes on their feet. Look at product description for more information. Lin performance socks are the famous performance sock in the US and we take pride in what we do in producing the highest quality products. Our team of designers, engineers and technicians are all experts in the hosiery field. We use the latest tools in designing and developing new performance socks. The team loves what it does and this love translates into some amazingly great products with outstanding designs, features and functions. Fiber Content: 60% CoreSpun CoolMax , 40% Nylon Care Instructions: Machine Wash Warm, Tumble Dry Low, No Bleach

Itabessa Tights & Leggings

Our high quality tights are made in Italy. Nice quality tights with different choices. Each pair of tights is man-sewn so you can except to receive top qualitymerchandise.

Price Range: $7.99 to $14.99


All About Socks carries 2 lines of tights. One is our own AAS brand, made in Taiwan and the other is called Itabessa, and we import it from Italy. We have all styles and colors of tights and leggings. Everything you can imagine from lace to tie dye, we sell at All About Socks. Itabessa hosiery is one of our newest product lines. Itabessa tights are made with the finest fabric and finest knitting machines. You will not find a higher quality hosiery product sold anywhere in Utah. All About Socks brand tights come in a variety of colors and fabrics. We have everything from summer leggings to thicker cotton winter tights. If you want to choose from the largest selection of hosiery in Utah, come to All About Socks!