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Comfort Fresh Bamboo Socks:

80% bamboo fiber
The most famous of our daily wear, the are not only comfortable, but the breathable fiber also helps to keep your feet cool and fresh. At $4.99 for a two-pair pack, they are available from sizes small (4-6) to large (10-13), in white, black, blue, grey, and brown, in crew, ankle, and no-show; these socks are really an any-and-all occasion!


+MD Diabetic, Compression Socks and More:

Our +MD socks are more than affordable. Low friction design, anti-microbial with moisture-wicking properties!
Come into the store and buy these socks $7.99 – if you buy in multiples of two, it’s buy one get one! Our diabetic socks allow for free circulation without the slouching or falling down and additionally treated to keep you feet fresh, dry, and comfortable.

Habitat Socks:

Who doesn’t love animals… socks?
Who doesn’t love animal socks in every shape and form. Directly connected to our WildHabitat line, you no longer need to crave socks from a catalog! Come in to the store and get it easy from your local retailer! 
Funky: the new sock style!


Never know what’s there.
Ever want to wow your friends with your socks (and various assortments of oddities)? Our stores will carry it. We’ve got flowery toe socks. We’ve got fuzzy socks. We’ve got fuzzy hats. We’ve got fuzzy shoes. For crying out loud, we have two-toed socks! 


Holiday – Valentines:



Celebrate good times…
At $4.99, who can argue with celebrating the holidays (WITH YOUR FEET). Come in for socks that fit the holidays (Valentines, Halloween, and Christmas).





Our tights are high quality, straight from Italy and Taiwan.
These nice quality tights have ever the many choices for ever the many occasions. Be assured that you are received top-quality merchandise. We have everything from summer leggings to thicker cotton winter tights. If you want to choose from the largest selection of hosiery in Utah, come to All About Socks! 

Spirit Sleeves:

 Spirit Sleeves
… show your true colors!
Come in to your local store to find the colors that match you – go to a football, basketball, baseball game cheering on your team with the fashionable colors, or be caught on that highlight reel laying out full extension with some spirit sleeves. That’s what we call spirit!
Performance and Outdoor:
Everyday wear to everywhere wear
Our bike socks are ever on the forefront of stylishness as well as the newest technology of yarn. Our outdoor socks run from low-cut trail-runners to over the calf avid hikers. Machine Wash Warm, Tumble Dry Low, No Bleach, ’nuff said.