Diabetic socks are made from fabrics that keepfeet warm help to improve blood circulation.
The moisture-wicking materials keep feet dry helps preventing skin infections.


Diabetic socks are specially designed socks to protect your feet and provide maximum comfort.

  • Reduce pressure in the lower leg and foot
  • Prevent blistering on the skin surfaces
  • Minimize moisture accumulation

These socks are typically non-elastic and seamless.
The non-elastic feature is to prevent constriction due to common feet swelling tendencies.
The seamless design is to minimize friction to the nerves and minimize neurological discomfort
and pain. These socks simply fit well to prevent restrictions in the calf from a tight sock
line that can limit circulation. Diabetes raises the blood sugar level, which can increase the
risk of foot ulcers. MD diabetic socks are made to be unrestrictive of circulation.

  • Soft-Stretch non-binding top can stretch up to
    25-28cm, good quality to ensure that even after
    repeated stretching the socks are still restitution.
    Slips on easily over ankles and do not decline, no
    more marks on legs from tight socks.

  • Seamless & Cushioned toe make the socks
    durable yet comfortable. No more embarrassing
    situation like holes in the socks.

  • Anti-Slip: The big Y design on the heel makes sure
    the socks stay in place no matter how busy you

  • Cushioned Sole: Extra comfort and moisture
    absorption makes your feet breathable and

Diabetic People

Soft-Stretch not tight or binding at all. Slips on easy
over ankles but do not decline, no more marks on
legs from socks. Seamless toe to enhance your
everyday comfort and keep your toes and blood
circulation in top shape. Perfect for diabetic people.

Gestation Diabetes

If you are currently pregnant and suffer from
gestation diabetes, these socks will be most
beneficial to your swollen feet. Lightweight and highly
breathable, they will keep your feet warm and lessen
your chance of developing blood clots and deep vein
thrombosis (DVT).

Sensitive skin/Nerve damage

Nerve damage or other changes in sensation or who
frequently get foot injuries such as friction rubs should
consider making the switch to solely diabetic socks for
better protection are definitely candidates for diabetic