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MD 20-30mmHg Compression Therapy Thigh High Stockings Lace Antislip

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Product Description


W e have been certified by I A F t o Design, Develop, Produce and Serve on Medical Compression SocksCOMPRESSION LEVEL


  • 8-15 mmHg Mild pressure, used for proactive leg health ¡ª Compression strength for preventative care.
  • 15-20 mmHg Moderate pressure, common starting point for first time wear ¡ª Compression strength for minor conditions.
  • 20-30 mmHg Firm pressure, typically used when recommended by a certified fitter or healthcare provider ¡ª Compression strength for pronounced medical symptoms.
  • 30-40 mmHg Extra-Firm pressure, used only when prescribed by a doctor ¡ª Compression strength for severe medical conditions.



  • Knee High Compression Socks: They are the most common compression socks, suitable for Man and Women, with very few size problems.
  • Thigh High Compression Stockings: They are usually used by women, could also be worn by man, if you have strong thighs may have problem with size, if you between sizes, please select a size up or select knee high socks.
  • Compression Pantyhose: They are meant to help control the baby bump, usually used by women for beauty and convenience, we have some men's pantyhose under production.

Step 1
Reach into the stocking, and grab the toe.
Step 2
Turn the upper half of the stocking inside out.
Step 3
Put your foot into the toe of the stocking, and gently slide the stocking over your heel. Then use your fingertips or palms to "slide" the stocking up your leg. Wearing gloves can help you slide the stocking up. Don't grab the top of the stocking and pull, because that may rip the stocking.
Step 4
Continue to slide the stocking up the leg until it is positioned correctly. Repeat these steps on the other leg.



  • If you¡¯ve suffered with varicose veins for a long time, you¡¯ll be familiar with the swelling, the itchiness and the pain.
  • Apart from generally encouraging healthy habits (eating right, exercising, elevating your legs after a long day standing, etc), we recommend wearing compression stockings during the day as a worthwhile measure.?
  • Varicose veins appear when the one-way valves in your veins fail and allow blood to leak backward. It¡¯s the pooling of blood because of this valve failure that causes the squiggly, bulging blue veins to pop out.
  • When you wear our compression stockings your veins are supported and enable the blood to flow more effectively.
  • Bonus: It also helps to keep swelling down and reduces the achiness in your legs from a day on your feet.



  • Our medical compression stockings has strict compression level of each key measuring point.
  • The compression level is highest around the ankle and lessens towards the top of the stocking, which enhance the vein blood to flow back to the heart.
  • The compression technology can help relieve from varicose veins,orthostatic hypotension and deep vein thromboses.
  • It can also promote blood circulation and oxygenation, preventing cramping, fatigue, stiffness and swelling, and helping in pain relief, faster recovery.




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MD 20-30mmHg Compression Therapy Thigh High Stockings Lace Antislip
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MD 20-30mmHg Compression Therapy Thigh High Stockings Lace Antislip

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